• Discover the way back to you.
    Find your peace.

    Experiential therapy for those who are tired of having anxiety run their life.

    Looking for the exit ramp out of anxiety?

    The race for external validation has cost you a lot. Living in repeating cycles of overwhelm, avoiding, then shaming yourself for it.  You wonder if you’ll have to live with the physical symptoms, self-doubt and insomnia forever. And the highest cost of all – you never got to know yourself.

    What would it be like to make choices from love and purpose, instead of fear and inadequacy?

    If you’re ready to find out, reach out today.


    CBT for Insomnia for people who crave a good night's sleep

    Does it feel like chronic insomnia has taken over your life?

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) teaches you how to sleep naturally again without medications.

    CBT-I is clinically proven as the most effective and long-lasting treatment for chronic insomnia. We’ll treat the real causes of your insomnia – thoughts, behaviors and feelings. With CBT-I, you’ll learn how to support your natural sleep systems so that sleep becomes the effortless biological function it’s meant to be.

    Learn to sleep well again. Reach out today.


    Therapy with Emily:
    Meet your guiding inner wisdom

    Therapy is not about finding answers, it’s about finding yourself.

    My job is to be an agent for hope. I believe every person has an inner guidance system directing them to health, wholeness and purpose. I’m on a mission to help you discover yours and answer its call.

    I provide the navigation tools and support. You provide the willingness to go inward and get to know yourself. Always, we are co-creators in arriving at your destination of personal power and wholeness.

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    How do we know we're a good fit?

    • You're a bright, high-energy, over-thinker.
    • You're a seeker - you always knew deep inside that there's a better way, and you never gave up trying to find it.
    • You want peace, power, and wholeness - a way out of crippling anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and insomnia.

    Are you ready to take the journey inward?
    Reach out today.