• About Emily Fitton, LCSW

    About Emily Fitton, LCSW

    I specialize in anxiety, insomnia and life purpose because they’re challenges I’ve personally overcome. After a successful career in corporate marketing, I still felt that something was missing.

    I’ve travelled the journey inward and discovered that my life purpose is to connect people to their personal power. When you have a forum to express the full range of your emotions, find your creative expression, and tap into your higher wisdom, you’re on your way to the rich, meaningful life you seek.

    Together, let’s find answers to the big, juicy questions calling you: “If I’m not my anxiety, then who am I? What are my values, desires, aspirations? And how do I make them happen?

    How I work

    We talk. Together. With interest, curiosity and compassion, and of course, no judgment (that’s kind of the price of admission for a therapist, isn’t it?!). We listen for what’s right with you, the glimmers of your strengths, resilience, and desire to thrive.

    I work relationally. I’ll check in with you on how we’re doing, how something I said affected you. I work with emotions. I’ll ask you to pay attention to what you’re feeling as you’re sharing something. And I work experientially. I’ll ask you pause and linger on how you’re experiencing new feelings and ideas about yourself in the moment. That’s important because it deepens the learning and the change process.

    I also offer other practices, including “parts” work, imagery meditations to access your higher wisdom, mindfulness, and exercises from the exciting new research in positive neuroplasticity.

    Professional training and certifications

    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, New York & New Jersey
    • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Specialist
    • AEDP Level 3 (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy)
    • EMDR Level 3
    • Certificate, Manhattan Institute Trauma Studies Program
    • Certificate, Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies
    • Graduate, Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Adult Program
    • MSW with honors, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

    Professional memberships

    • AEDP Institute
    • Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine
    • NYS Society of Clinical Social Workers
    • Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis

    This I believe…

    We humans are gifted with an infinite capacity for creativity and re-inventing ourselves. Our ability to think, feel and imagine are the powerful healing tools of our emotional immune system.

    As we work together, you’ll find your way to feeling:

    • Connected: to yourself, to others, and to your purpose
    • Capable: of handling life, responding to challenges, achieving at work
    • Confident: in your ability to be there for yourself, in your choices, in doing what you love, in speaking your truth

    As you begin to live this way, you can discover deeper wells of compassion and generosity, and the ability to give and receive love wholeheartedly in relationships, work and play. I believe this is our birthright.